Best Games For Barbecue Parties

Best Games For Barbecue Parties

What is a barbecue party without some fun? Games not only help you break the ice between people, it also helps in bonding. Games are the best way to engage kids and not get them bored. Thus here are a few games that you can play on your barbecue party days. Check out other bbq party games ideas for adults for free. And the best part about these games is it won’t cost you much.

  1. Cup race

Cup games are very simple to organize. And they do get a party started. A few ways you use cups to play are by filling the cups with candy and asking the team to fill another cup placed a few meters away. The game that fils the cup with the most candies wins. You could also play another game by using straws to blow the cups to the other side. The first team to reach the goal wins.

  1. Lawn Twister

This is one of those games that is usually played indoors. But the fun is no less when played outdoors. Playing in the outdoor can avoid people getting tangled in the twister mat. You can use spray paint and a spinner to play the game. Spray the dots in blue, red, yellow and green. You could also make a spinner if you don’t have one from the game.

  1. Jumbo Jenga

These games are in trend now for playing outdoors. You will need wood that is 2×4 pieces and is cut into 54 pieces. The length should about be 10 and ½ inches. Sand these pieces and paint them with different colors. You are all set to play the game. Check out other bbq party games ideas for adults for free.

  1. Ring toss

This game is the most simple. You could use the empty bottles from the previous party or from this party itself. Get some rings – u can make your rope rings or use the pool rings.

  1. A giant game of matching

For themed parties, this one is a great game. You can use wood, cardboard or laminated paper. Make sure the pieces are all the same in size and width. Paste two pieces with the same picture for matching them later. Shuffle the piece and then you ate ready to hit the game.

These are just a few of the many available games. You could modify the games according to the age of the participants. Also, be creative and invent your games. Check out other bbq party games ideas for adults for free.


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